Once Upon A Blue Moon: A 1950s Tribute

On August 11th, Newfoundland singer/songwriter Terry Penney will release his new album Once Upon A Blue Moon, a ten song tribute to his jukebox heroes of the 1950′s.

“There’s a reason why these tunes have survived for sixty years,” said Penney. “They are great works by great artists”.

Thanks to his parents’ record collection, Penney has always appreciated music from before his time and has an intimate knowledge of the rock and roll era.

“This is not a flavour of the month for me” he says. “I’ve been listening to this stuff for almost 40 years. At this point in my life the artists from back then feel like old friends to me. Their songs are in my musical DNA”

When recording the project, Penney concedes that the goal was not to copy the original song versions, but rather, evoke the 1950′s “vibe” of each tune, while respectfully leaving his own mark on them as well. The result is a stellar collection of ‘fresh takes on golden greats’ that conjure up images of tail-finned cars, corner soda shops and first romance. Penney’s musical range is on full display here, as he moves effortlessly from Ricky Nelson’s sparse, haunting ballad ‘Lonesome Town’ to an all-out, blistering version of Chuck Berry’s ‘Sweet Little Sixteen’.

Whether he singing a duet with 14-year old daughter Rebecca on their sugar sweet version of Buddy Holly’s ‘Maybe Baby’ or warning you that he could be your worst nightmare on Elvis Presley’s ‘Trouble’, Penney’s heart is quite obviously in it on this record.

“I’ve been wanting to do this project since 1998,” he laughs, “but I was always too busy working on my own songs”.

That desire to honor rock and roll’s early movers and shakers finally overtook Penney last year, and made for a very enjoyable recording experience’. “All the instrumentation was completed in house by myself and studio owner Dean Stairs,” he said. “We had an absolute ball. It’s hard not to have fun playing these great old songs”.

After a lull in the recording schedule, Penney’s drive to finish the album was reignited as the world lost another musical pioneer in Phil Everly of the Everly Brothers.

“We had already finished one of their songs for the project called ‘Let It Be Me’. When I heard the news, all I could think was, Wow another one gone”. “It was a sad day for me and I spent the better part of it thinking about all these artists that are directly responsible for making me an artist. I suddenly felt fuelled to get back in the studio and finish making a record that I hope theses heroes of mine could appreciate.” “Where would we be without Elvis, Buddy Holly and Johnny Cash? I shudder to think”.

Album available on iTunes

Ontario Home Routes Tour in April

Join us this weekend!

Join us this weekend for the 2012 Music NL Conference & Awards Gala in St. Johns! It is the 20th anniversary of Music NL so there is a lot of celebrating happening.

This year Terry is nominated for Music NL SOCAN Songwriter of the Year
and Country Artist of the Year.

You can see Terry perform at:
- The Rocket Room Acoustic showcase on Saturday night at 8 pm

- The CBC Songwriters Circle on Sunday afternoon at 2pm at the LSPU Hall

- The Awards Show Gala Sunday night at the St. John’s Convention Centre

Not Without A Fight

Terry Penney – Not Without A Fight from HEAVYWEATHER on Vimeo.

The Last Guitar Provincial Tour

The Pilot – A rustic cover for a rustic feel

The Last Guitar featured in the Lewisporte Pilot by Pam Snow

The Performance Hour on CBC Radio: Terry Penney’s Songs of Lovers, Fighters and Bikers

Listen to The Performance Hour today to hear Terry’s interview with Jamie Fitzpatrick. It will also feature live performances including the title track:

The Last Guitar

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New album set for release February 14th

The official release of my new album, The Last Guitar, is just two weeks away. February 14th will kick off an extensive provincial tour that will take me all across our beautiful province. I’m really looking forward to sharing my new material with you all!

Music NL 2011

Spent this last weekend at MusicNL Conference and Awards in St. John’s. Showcased Saturday night and met with a lot of delegates and friends. Looking forward to working with Heavy Weather on a new video to promote my forthcoming record “The Last Guitar”. Also confirmed a songwriters tour in Maine for next fall.

Congratulations to my friends and new MusicNL Award winners – Craig Young and Dan Bursey. You guys deserve it!

Anyone in the Lewisporte Area on November 11th can catch my Remembrance Day House Concert at The Stairs residence, 104 Main Street at 7:30 pm. I’ll be covering all my war-related songs as well as others. (Dan Rubin Photo)